2022 Conference
Las Casas: Transatlantic Reformer: June 22-24, 2022

Come and join a rich and diverse community of scholars at the Third International Las Casas Conference, to be held at Providence College, June 22-24, 2022. The focus of the 2022 conference is “Las Casas: Transatlantic Reformer?”

In his provocative A Secular Age, Charles Taylor identifies Reform as a broad conviction “felt with increasing power during the Middle Ages and early modern period, that not just an élite, but as far as possible all the faithful live up to the demands of the Gospel” (104). This year’s conference seeks to put Las Casas in conversation with broader trends in sixteenth-century reformations, Christian humanism and secularization, as well as currents in theology, literature, philosophy, anthropology, and law. We will also explore Las Casas’ mark on social discipline and print culture.

This Lascasian conference coincides with the 500th anniversary of Las Casas’ 1522 entrance into a self-consciously reforming Dominican Order, itself an expression of trends in the renewal of religious life. Participants will benefit from and contribute to the rich combination of unique research interests afforded by this interdisciplinary invitation to consider Las Casas as a reformer in his own right.

Those who wish to present their work, please consult the official “Call for Papers” (English, Spanish, French) linked below for more details. Accepted papers will be eligible for inclusion in a projected double-blind peer-reviewed collection.

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